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Release: TBA at BBC iPlayer 2022

Log-Line: A juvenile offender on bails attempts to reconnect with his alcoholic mother.

Synopsis: Juvenile offender Carter is released on bail. After an argument with his alcoholic mother, Christine, their distance grows. Carter decides to run away from home and as he atones for his actions, their turbulent relationship unfolds with a gripping combination of rage and tenderness.

Background: PAPERCUT began as a therapeutical writing process during the first UK Covid-19 lockdown with the aim of escaping and understanding the chaos outside and within. Inspired by the idea of escapism and examining the hardships of young vulnerable people, PAPERCUT functions as research in the form of spectacle by exploring the struggles the youth face living in modern England through a poetic exploration of broken family dynamics, violence and criminality. PAPERCUT aims to open up a conversation about the available governmental support and counselling for vulnerable communities, especially that of young vulnerable people.


NEW RENAISSANCE FILM FESTIVAL '21 (Official Selection, Best Social Drama Nominee, Emerging Talent Award Nominee)

UNDERWIRE FILM FESTIVAL '22 (Official Selection, Best Composing Nominee)

SUFFOLK SHORTS '22 (Official Selection)


Writer/Director: Edward Heredia

Producer: Jonathan Blagrove & Evangeline Williams

Executive Producer: Maddy Allen

1st AD: Emma Louise Smith

Reece Wells as Carter

Agnes Lillis as Christine

Cinematographer: Simona Susnea

1st AC: Julian Lalinde

2nd AC: Paige Fisher

Gaffer: Luke Witcomb

Spark: James Plested

Production Designer: Matt Nunn

Costume Designer: Harriet Waterhouse

Makeup Artist: Chloe Winslade

Sound Recordist: Johnny Blagrove

Editor: Michal Zak

Colourist: Chris Bell

Colour House: Creep

Music Composer: Tony & Fran Fisher

For Screen South & BBC

Screen South Network Support: Stephanie Adamou & Darrienne Price

Production Coordinator: Barbara Welch

Production Manager: Steve Lennon

Programme Producer: Jo Nolan

Commissioner for the BBC: Lamia Dabboussy

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